violin videos and sound experiments with liveness, language, and the internet.
performance of "live chat for speaking instruments," commissioned by Density512 for Music for Audieces // I.Livestream on february 7, 2021.

performers are brian ellis (guitar) and jonathan hostottle (saxophone). audience members are sending live chat messages through the dollhouse chat system.
demonstration of "speaking violin"--using convolution to combine the audio from a text-to-speech chrome extension and my violin
my violin "speaks" live facebook comments in a live improvisation on Open Improvisations: ONLINE edition
excerpt from a performance of brahms violin concerto with bremerton symphony
lutoslawski: subito with forrest eimold (piano)
excerpt of the last movement of quartet for the end of time by messiaen, with mark salman (piano). in mukilteo, wa. a train passes by.
frises by saariaho for violin and live electronics. solo electroacoustic violin recital at maison francaise, columbia university
three dances from l'histoire du soldat by stravinsky, independently produced. dancers: emma vincent + roland spier
sampled and mixed instagram livestream
improvisation with voice memos (received live), skype, and multiple devices
lerner hall, columbia university
columbia university
yo yo ma mendelssohn octet masterclass
masterclass with yo-yo ma
blackbox ensemble at
blackbox ensemble
maison francaise solo electroacoustic recital
solo electroacoustic recital
marcos balter chambers
festival of contemporary music, tanglewood
l'histoire du soldat
tmc concertmaster ozawa
concertmaster of tmco
bremerton brahms
brahms violin concerto
italian academy
italian academy
quartet for the end of time
symphony space
norman fischer
backstage with norman fischer
lerner hall
lerner hall
yellow barn
ozawa hall, tanglewood
victorian party
victorian party
bremerton beethoven
beethoven violin concerto