interactive unity+webgl applications

    dollhouse gallery

    dollhouse performance space

Dollhouse is a multiplayer Unity 3D web application. It is a social gathering space and an interactive virtual gallery.

The Dollhouse Gallery currently houses work from 35 different artists, and the Dollhouse Performance Space is open for livestreamed events.

The other people connected are red eggs. Travel through the blue windows to other rooms. The physical dollhouse space is 8” from floor to ceiling and has a functional electrical system. Photos of the Dollhouse construction process.

    the temporary hallway

"The Temporary Hallway" is a web space that I built withJacqueline Brockel's paintings and videos that accompany all of this is temporary, an album by Powerlines. In the hallway, the images move and breathe as you slide through the rooms.

    star maker world

Star Maker World is a 3D interactive experience of Star Maker Fragments, an album of music by Taylor Brook and the TAK Ensemble.

You follow a ball around a shiny planet and explore its sounds, while you are led by narration from the 1937 scifi novel Star Maker, by Olaf Stapledon.
Star Maker World was commissioned by TAK Ensemble.

    violin painting: white

    violin painting: blue

    violin painting: orange

Unity 3D application with wobbling acrylic paintings and clips of violin sounds that I recorded. Click and drag your mouse to play with the sounds and move the paintings.

    pregnancy journal

Originally designed as a VR experience, Pregnancy Journal is a womb-like cave, made from digital photos of orchids given to me by Sonia Mantell. As you navigate the space, you discover phrases from my mom's pregnancy journal.

In this journal entry, she describes one of her first ultrasounds, which she took herself by sneaking in to use an ultrasound machine that was under development at my dad's work place.

    flowerdrool (external)

My very first interactive web app, which I made with Charlotte Mundy.